Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Bouquet

Today the kids and I made some 
handprint flowers.
These are perfect for Spring and would also make a cute 
Mother's Day gift for the grandma's.
(We gave some to my grandma last year and she still has them sitting out)

So lets get started!


You're going to start by letting you kids make a gazillion painted handprints on the paper.
If you want a faster less messy way of making these you
could just trace the handprints on spring colored paper but of course playing in paint 
is sooo much more fun.

Now go put your feet up, open up a magazine and just RELAX while you wait for the paint to dry.
Oh you have paint all over your table...
and floor...
and the walls to the bathroom sink.
Yeah me too.
I guess you could clean that up while you wait.

Ok so the paint 's dry now.
Next you're going to cut out the handprints.
Now you're going to curl the fingers with a pencil.
Wrap the finger around the pencil TOWARDS the painted part.
Yeah I did it wrong the first time.  
Do as I say not as I do!
Yep that's me doing it wrong.
When all the fingers are done it will look like this.
Now you are going to tape the sides of the hand together.
Make sure that you leave a big enough hole to put the straw through.
 Then put the straw through the flower and tape it to the straw.
After you get them all made put them in a vase or jar and admire their cuteness.

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  1. Another cute idea. I almost bought some fingerpaint yesterday but I remembered we were going to do spring cleaning so I didn't get any. My boys sure liked washing the walls though.


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