Monday, April 18, 2011

Bean and Bean Art

Today we made a mess in the kitchen.
The good thing is it wasn't too hard to clean up.
We have bags and bags of beans and we don't really eat them.
So I thought today we would have some fun with them.

All you need are lots of beans
(we also used jelly beans to get in the Easter spirit)
Cardstock or Cardboard
and Glue (make sure it's not too hard to squeeze
or your hand will hurt when you're done)

Then you just draw your picture with glue and stick on the beans.
So easy!
 This is Ava with Easter eggs all around her.
Braeden did more drawing than beaning but that's not a big surprise.
I'm not really sure what all is in there. 
I know there is a tree, the wind, a bird and himself hiding Easter eggs.
The kids spent forever making these and I had a little fun with it too.
I told you I am sooo artistic...not.

Happy beaning!


  1. Wonderful idea! You should share it this Friday on my blog at my first link party!

  2. What a great idea. Looks like fun :)


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