Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun Food Monday

This didn't really work out as well as I had planned.
I wanted to do a little more with it 
but the kids were STARVING.
You know how that goes.
I also thought Reed had picked me up some toothpicks 
at the store 
yeah he hadn't.
So I did what all mothers do best

Todays lunch is a
Tuna Salad Sailboat
Ideally you would use toothpicks to hold the sails up.
I however had to use field goal post small food stabbers.
(That's the name Reed and I came up with for them.) 
HaHa we are so classy.

One thing I am quickly learning is that my kids
think the food is AWESOME
no matter how horrible I think it looks.
Efforts all that matters 
and if you have older kids I'm sure they would have fun making there own.

Go give it a try
Your kids will LOVE you for it.


  1. Oh that is too cute. Do you come up with this all on your own or do you have a fun food magazine or something?

  2. Hey, I just saw you want to go to the Indy kid's museum. This Thursday night is the free night. We're planning on going. I was so happy to see it was during our spring break.

  3. It's a little bit of both! I have a few books but my kids are really picky so I always have to tweak it and sometimes I just try and come up with something that goes with whatever we are doing for the day. We are actually going to the museum this weekend. I found out how we could go for $1 per person so I think we might go a few times!


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