Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glue paint

Lately I've felt like Pinterest is holding me back.
I used to come up with creative things on my own but now I just go look at what I've got pinned.
I kinda wonder why should I try and come up with my own ideas because people seriously think of everything.
But I miss the satisfaction of knowing that my brain does work and I can do awesome things by myself.
So I'm trying to spend less time on there and use my mind some more and I'm proud to say this I came up with on my own.
I'm sure someone has already thought of it but I haven't seen it.

So today was rainy and kinda dreary.
On days like this my kids really like to paint
but we were out of paint and I wasn't going to the store.
One thing that I do have a lot of is glue.
When it's back to school time I have a little issue with buying a ridiculous amount of school supplies.
It comes in handy sometimes though.
So instead of painting with paint we used glue.
We poured the glue into cupcake liners.
I have some that are made out of aluminum foil so they are a little more sturdy but I was thinking the Styrofoam egg cartons would work really well for this.
Then you just add some food coloring to the glue and paint like normal.

We also tried making some flowers pieces of cardboard.

Take your nice little piece of cardboard and roll it up like this.
Put a rubber band around it to help hold it in place and then you can use it like a stamp.
And then you have a cute little flower.
I think this would probably work better with actual paint but the kids still thought it was super cool.
Braeden kept saying it makes a perfect flower every time!
You could try it with different thicknesses of cardboard for different looks too.
Painting with glue is pretty awesome.
Besides it saving my butt when I didn't have paint
it drys glossy which Ava thinks is amazing.
So it you're ever in a jam and have a lot of glue give it a try.


  1. Fantastic idea! We have never painted with glue, although we have dyed it. Need to try this. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.

  2. Me and Brooke split up reading all the posts from our party. I feel bad now that I didn't see this. Very cool.


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