Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dance Party

I take a lot of pictures of my family but I try a little to hard to make them all perfect.
So this year I'm going to try and take more natural pictures of my fam.
It doesn't matter if the background shows off my messy house or reveals that I let my kids wear their jammies until 2 in the afternoon.
I want to have memories of the real moments of my life and focus less on trying to make everything perfect.
So here's a little video that reveals a few little secrets.
1) I let my kids dance on the coffee table.
(Dianne you might not want to watch this video because I know you'll have a heart attack)
2) My Christmas decorations are still on my shelf
3)We didn't leave the house today so Mason is in his jammies and Ava rocked the dress-up all day.
4) This isn't really a secret but gesh I love my kids!


  1. super cute! Grace likes to dress up and dance too. We danced to Rio today. That is some fun music. Is this a video she is watching or a cd she is listening to?

    1. I love the Rio soundtrack! I might have to put that on to mix it up. We've been listening to the same ballerina cd for DAYS!


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