Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Takin' Craft Time Outside

We have finally had a few nice days around here.
Sunny and Hot
A perfect turnaround from the gloominess we've had.
When it's nice outside my kids play ALL day.
I can hardly get them to come inside to eat or even pee.
So to throw off their routine a little bit I surprised them with a craft to do at their picnic table.
So what's the perfect craft to do outside?
Nature Collages
I gave them a basket to collect all their pieces of nature.

 Then they sat down at the table and glued them on cardstock.

 Even Mason explored Nature trying to eat the grass. lol
Super easy and cheap supplies.
Just make sure you let them know of any flowers you want off limits.
You don't want them picking all your pretty flowers.
Hope the weathers nice where you are so you can take craft time outside!


  1. SO FUN!!! I love Mason's chubbiness!!!

  2. Jen, I love your blog. You are such a fun mom! Thanks for giving me some great ideas!

  3. Thanks Jenny! I'm glad you found some ideas.

  4. Nice! Cheep and easy. Great way to get them looking at nature and loving it more than they already do.


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