Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Day of School

Today is Braeden's last day of Preschool.
It's a little overwhelming to think this means Kindergarten is next
but I am sooo excited we made it through preschool.
(It was a REALLY rough start first half of the year.)
It's so amazing to see the change in him in such a short amount of time.
He really has grown a lot and learned so much
and I am so thankful to his teachers for all of their hard work.

So as a little thank you/end of the year gift I made them a little movie snack bucket.
I bought the popcorn that comes it the movie theater buckets, 2 boxes of theater candy and some soda.
I don't know about the teachers but my kids were in love with the idea.
So we will be having movie night sometime soon.

Here is what the buckets looked like 
and pictures of Braeden with his 2 favorite teachers.


  1. cute ideas. I can't believe our little guys are going to kindergarten next year. So sad. I may borrow your teacher appreciation buckets. Love it.

  2. I know! I'm really kind of traumatized.


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