Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bringing Back Memories

Well it has rained 
and rained
oh and then it rained some more. 
We spent some time in what we like to call our troll closet.
That's our tornado spot.  Luckily it's close to our books so we had something fun to do.
But then for a whole 5 minutes the sun came out.
And I was able to stare in complete happiness at this.

 It was a FULL rainbow!
Actually a double but the second one was so light it didn't even show up in pictures.

But a couple days ago when we actually had half a day of sun we worked on our motor skills.
Always a good thing to work on.
When I was younger and we would go to visit my grandparents my grandpa would sometimes get out blocks of wood, hammers and nails and light us up.
And we would look something like this.
Who knew hitting a nail could be so much fun????
Well I did because it's one of the things I remember from my childhood.
(I remember surprisingly little about my childhood)
If your kids are younger or get frustrated easily
You might want to start the nails for them.
It might save you a lot of crying.
And a few other tips.
Smaller hammers are easier for smaller hands and
the softer the wood the better.
Braeden loves hammering into the stump and the nails go in really easy.
I'm gonna have to see if I can find any pictures of me doing this.

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  1. Oh what a fab activity!! My son would adore it!!Love the handy tips - def good to start it off for them!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty - lovely to see you there!



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