Friday, December 30, 2011

Setting Goals

As the new year is approaching I've been thinking a lot about what I want to improve in 2012.
Last year I kinda over did it with my list of things I wanted to accomplish.
So this year I'm going to simplify.
Simplify my goals and my life.
This year I'm going to write down 3 things that I want to do better.
Then I'm going to prioritize them from most important to least important and I'm only going to work on one at a time.
When I become awesome at the first one I will move on to the next.
If it takes me a whole year to finish the first goal I'll be ok with that because it's worth it.
I'm not sure what all 3 goals will be yet but I do know what number 1 is.
I will become more organized!

I am one of the least organized people EVER.
Nothing in my house has a place and things just get piled up everywhere.
It's really hard to admit it but I'm also a mild hoarder.

So this year I will work on making organization a habit.
I will get rid of a lot of junk and I will find a home for everything.
I know that this one goal entails a lot but I also know that becoming more organized will help my family in so many different areas.

So if you start seeing a lot of posts on how to organize this is why.
And if you have any good tips or motivational sayings I would love to hear them!
I'm going to need some motivation to make this happen or at least get started.
Hopefully the results will be enough to keep me going after I start.

Feel free to jump in and take on this challenge with me
or if you're already a pro
let me know what you'll be working on in 2012.

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