Monday, December 26, 2011

Just A Little Bling Giveaway

I wanted to do a little giveaway on my blog for awhile.
It's just a little something but I hope you like it.
I made some of these for a little girl and while I was making then Ava came over and asked if they were hers.
When I told her no she said "But you are going to make me some, right?"
So I made her some and while I was at it made a set to give away to one of you.

So if you have a little girl who loves a little bling as much as mine does or if you want them all for yourself just leave a comment about anything at all.
The giveaway is open until Dec. 29th at noon and the winner will be announced shortly after.
Just make sure you leave your email or check back to see if you won.
This is open to anyone in the U.S. and I will ship it on the 30th.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas.
We had a wonderful time and I'll be posting some pictures real soon.


  1. Will you PLEASE teach me how to make these?

  2. Yeah! We still need to get together and make some bows.

  3. Pick me! Maybe our newest little girl will have hair! April

  4. I'm a day late! They are super cute though! Carisa


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