Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Countdown Bags

Since New Year's falls on a Saturday night this year we will be having our party at home and sending the kids to bed around 9.
I still want to make sure we have a good time though.
I don't know if you've seen the countdown bags floating around the blog world but they looked really fun so I decided to do my version.

The first thing I made were some noisemakers.
They are super easy and really awesome because they aren't too loud.
And who wants a headache on New Year's Eve?
So here's what you need to scrounge up.

Scrapbooking paper (optional)
Empty ribbon spools

First tape off the opening on one side of the ribbon spool.
 Then you want to put a little bit of rice in the other opening.
Make sure you don't put too much in or there won't be room for the rice to shake.
Now tape up that opening.
Then trace the spool twice onto scrapbooking paper.
Cut out the circles and a strip to cover where the ribbon would be.
After you've got it all cut out just glue it on.
 Then I took brown lunch sacks and drew clocks on them with the time the kids get to open them.
Here are some of the other surprises the kids will find in their bags.
Stuff to make a memory jar
A interview page
Ava will have one with sparkly nail polish and
 Braeden will have one with a recipe for a yummy treat
 Then it will be time for bed so we don't have a bunch of little grumps for church in the morning.

So do you have any big plans for the big night?

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