Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fun Food Monday (a little late)

Ok I realize today is not Monday but
Reed has been home and he is a little bit of a computer hog.
I guess you could say that looking for a job is more important than blogging
but he's kinda cramping my style.
Anyway that's something I'll get over later.

On Monday I made the kids a fun Lion lunch.
Before I show it to you I need you to understand that I have the artistic ability of a 3 year old.
If you don't believe me look back at the FHE we had a few weeks ago and the awesome animal pictures Braeden drew.
I don't lie (often)

So here is our lion of a lunch.
I used a pear for the head, hot dog for the mane, and pretzel for the face.
I drew the body with food markers.
See I wasn't lion (haha) I have no artistic ability.
I'm sure someone who does could make it look really awesome.
But my kids LOVED it.
Ava actually asked if she was allowed to eat it lol.
Hope you enjoy.


  1. What happened to Reed's job? Did the new one not work out? I am sorry to hear about that!

  2. Yeah it was a bad situation. He had some interviews lined up but couldn't miss without getting fired so he quit. Just praying something works out soon.

  3. That is so cute. My kids would love it and then expect me to be creative everyday. Maybe I should try it anyway.

  4. Well I am sorry to hear that! I hope he can find something very soon. Any more job prospects? By the way I love how creative you are!

  5. Yeah it's kind of a bummer but he has a few interviews this week and Thanks!


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