Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Awesome FHE and Mardi Gras Mask

I have been a real slacker with Family Home Evening lately. 
It's been hard with Reed gone at night to handle it by myself so I just didn't do it.  Probably not the best choice I ever made, but what matters is I'm starting now.  So I found this website that has lessons all ready for you.
I love it when other people do all the work for you.  The lesson had animal pictures that went with the lesson but we don't have a working printer right now and I am NOT an artist.  Braeden is though.  And what a great way to get him involved.  So these are the pictures Braeden drew for our lesson.

I must say I was pretty impressed with my little artist.  The one not labeled is a Cheetah, but I'm sure you could already tell that.  After the lesson we each made our own little apple pies.  
He got a little carried away with the cinnamon
Here they are ready to go in the oven
We had bathtime while we waited for them to bake 
then it was time to eat!

Yesterday was Mardi Gras and I knew Braeden was having a party at school so I wanted to do a little something with Ava.  So we made her a little mask.  I just cut out cardstock then let her glue stuff on it.  There is nothing more fun to my kids than gluing tons of crap, or just squeezing out glue. 
This was the finished project and she LOVED it.

Hope everyone has a dry day, we sure aren't!

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