Sunday, March 13, 2011


No I didn't win the lottery.
We are getting our tax return this week which feels like a mini Jackpot.
Humm...what would I do if I did win the lottery???
New house...
Dirt bike...
oh and of course I would share :)

You wanna know what jackpot I did win??
The FOOD jackpot.
I think this might be better than money.

I really REALLY dislike lunch.  I don't mind eating it, I just hate to fix it.  
I think part of the reason is because I'm at home with Ava and she never eats anything I fix.
But I came up with something 
They are homemade Hot Pockets!

So here's what you do.  I made pizza ones this time but you better believe we are going to go crazy with these. (ham and cheese, bacon egg and cheese, the possibilities are endless!)

Make up your favorite pizza dough recipe, I made mine in the breadmaker which made it SUPER DUPER easy.
Roll it out into a rectangle then cut into rectangles.  I made 6 and 2 mini pizzas.

Then you put on the toppings of your choice. 
I can't wait to make breakfast ones.
Now I don't have a picture of this because I'm not that talented.  Take one side and pull it out as you fold it over.  Then repeat with the other side.  Then fold up both ends. (Hope that makes sense)
They should look something like this.
The one in the top left corner was a trial and ERROR.
Put them in the oven and follow the directions for the dough. And when you take them out they should look something like this.
Yummy Goodness.
Now the best part.
Let them cool then throw them in a freezer bag and they are ready to reheat for lunch!  Well if your husband doesn't eat them all in one sitting :)
Hope you enjoy!


  1. YUM! Such a great idea, I don't like to make lunch either!!! I might have to give this a try, I am sure my kids would love it!! Thanks so much for linking up to Try it Tuesday!! Made my day!
    Have a happy Monday!
    PS~I am your newest follower!!!


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