Friday, July 22, 2011

Our New Learning Center

This is something I've been working on for awhile
and it's still not finished but I will probably keep adding/changing it for awhile
So I thought I should just post it.

I am not the kind of person to homeschool my children.
Anyone who does is amazing and I applaud you and your awesomeness.
So my children will go to public school.
But I do feel that there is a pretty big gap between what is taught at school and what the kids need to know.
So my solution is to send them to school and make up that gap at home.
And I'm hoping this little area will help make that easier and more fun.

So here's the big reveal.
The buckets have the chalk and eraser in them and they are up high enough that Mason can't reach them :)
I still need to put up trim around the chalkboard and bulletin board
and I need more buckets for the pegboard
but I'm pretty happy with it and the kids spend tons of time playing with everything.

In the next post I'll show you how I organize all the craft stuff we have.

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  1. Jen this is so cute! I love love what you did here! I bet the kids just love it too:)


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