Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy Little Whiner

Ava has become the pickiest little eater.
She is also slightly extremely dramatic.
I decided the other night that I am tired of cooking around her
and everything she says she doesn't like.
Last night we made little pizzas using zucchini instead of crust
(really yummy by the way)
Braeden ate 4 bites then asked for something else
which I'm fine with.
Ava wouldn't try it.
She just wanted to eat the cheese off the top.
So she ended up crying and whining for about 3 hours 
then went to bed without dinner.
So I'm wondering how everyone else handles there picky eaters
and if your children are so stubborn they will go to bed hungry 
rather than try a tiny bite of something.
I need some support/ideas because I can not handle all of this girls drama.


  1. Send em to Grandma's! jk jk... Try giving it to her for breakfast? She has to be starving at some point right? lol, my dad would always threaten to shove the food down are throats and he would get up and act like he was going to do it sometimes. That scared the crap out of me so anything but that.

  2. I have to say that I did let my girls go to bed hungry. My rule is that each person at the table (even the parents!) has to taste every single thing that has been served. You don't even have to swallow it, just put it in your mouth and taste it. If you refuse, your plate is immediately removed and you won't eat again until the next scheduled meal/snack. This worked well for us when the girls were little enough to require it--now that they're five and seven, they don't fuss about tasting everything, and I don't fuss if after that one taste they go and make themselves a peanut butter sandwich.


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