Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun

I have had so much fun the last few days.
It would have been a perfect few days but my little mad has been sick.
I started with Thanksgiving at my grandparents house.
I went to my families while Reed watched Mason, then he went to his Dad's while I snuggled with my little man.
Then I ended the day and started the next morning with some black friday shopping.
I didn't have a lot on my list but my competitive side can't pass up fighting people for things.
The long night of shopping was followed by a long nap on Friday
then we headed out to the Mad Ants game.

The Mad Ants are the D Leauge basketball team in Fort Wayne
and lucky for us Reed's company has second row seats that no one was using.
I LOVE basketball but mostly just college basketball.
The game was pretty good but I can't stand all the whining from the players.
The players questions and complained about every. single. play.
That's a litle pet peeve of mine.
But I won't get one that soap box right now.
The best part of the night was the halftime show.
They had Quick Change for America's Got Talent!

It was so awesome!
I thought that maybe sitting so close we would be able to see something to get an idea how they do it but nothing. Everyone was left in awe.
Seriously awesome.
And today we had Thanksgiving at my Dad's house.
Crazy crazy fun happening around here.
I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and now it's time to go back to normal mode.
Wait Christmas is next month!!!
I guess it's time to start making gifts!
I'll have some to show you soon.

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