Sunday, November 27, 2011

Advent Ideas

Once Thanksgiving is over it doesn't take me very long to jump right into Christmas.
We stay pretty busy with activities, baking, crafts and lots of other holiday fun.
One thing that we started last year was an advent calendar and it was a blast.
We had a different Christmas related activity every night and it really brought our family closer together and provided a lot of fun, quality time together.
So I thought I would share some of the things we have planned for this year.
There are a lot of different ways you could set it up.
You could put everything in a jar and pull on out each day or plan the activities around your schedule.
I took a cookie sheet and covered it with Christmas scrapbooking paper.
Then I cut out 24 rectangles and folded them in half.
On the inside I wrote the activity and on the outside I wrote the date.
Then I taped them on the cookie sheet.
I had put magnets on the back of the cookie sheet to hang on the fridge but they weren't quite strong enough to hold it up.
So this year I think I will tie some ribbon on the back and hang it on the wall.
Once I get it hung up I'll take a picture for you to see.
Anyway here's what we'll be doing in December.

Learn a new Christmas song
Make homemade marshmallows and cocoa mix
Make a snowman
Make garland
Make reindeer cookies
Make a nativity
Drive around and look at Christmas lights
Do a service for someone
Have a Christmas music dance party
Watch Elf
Read the Christmas story
Write letters to Santa
Make Christmas cards
Make a ornament
Visit a friend
Watch a Christmas movie
Have someone over for dinner
Make Christmas goodies and deliver to someone
Write letters to family that's not around
Take kids to get gifts for each other
Make gift tags
Sing Christmas songs
Play a Christmas game
Make reindeer food and cookies

So that's what's on our advent calendar.
We also read a Christmas book every night
and incorporate Christ and scriptures into our activities as much as possible.
Hopefully this gives you some ideas of fun things you can do with your family during the special month of December

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