Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project 23

I've decided that I need to be
a better MOM
a better WIFE
a better FRIEND
a better ME

So I'm starting a Project/Challenge.  23 things to finish by the end of the year to make me better at all of the above.  You're job is to help me do it.  Just ask me how I'm doing or tell me to keep it up.  Whatever you can, but support always makes things easier.  And what happens if I don't complete it?  I will do 1 hour of service for every one I don't finish.  

You ready to see the list?

1) Go to the Indianapolis Children's Museum
2) Be bathing suit ready by May 1st
3) Paint at least 1 room
4) Read 2 adult books
5) Be more positive
6) Plan at least 1 date night a month
7) Make 1 close friend
8) Get the kids swimming lessons
9)Pay my cell phone bill on time
10) Sew 2 things
11) Do better at Family Home Evening
12) Get caught up on scrapbooking
13) Save some money
14) See 2 adult movies in the theater 
15) Plan ahead meals and make what I plan
16) Donate clothes I don't wear
17) Take my kids to the park more
18) Do service at least once a week
19) Run a 5K
20) Plant flowers and keep them alive :)
21) Use more coupons
22) Host 2 parties
23) Be better at my church calling

There you have it.  Nothing too challenging,  just something to stretch me a little.


  1. I love this list. I'm jealous of #2 because I know that would be impossible for me. I'm great at #15 so I could help you out if you want. I have the same problem with #20. And #22 made me smile.

  2. I'm not sure if #2 is possible but I hope #19 will help out some and I would love any help you could give me with #15.

  3. Hey if you need any good ideas for training for your 5K, I would suggest doing it when the whether gets a little nicer- I used to run around Huntington in the summer all the time. my favorite spots: Sunken Gardens and the surrounding neighborhoods, Huntington Reservoir, and Huntington University area has some real pretty spots around there. Good luck! (Might I also suggest a little Michael Jackson for when you think you can't go any longer)... :)


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